5 Reasons to Try a Class at CCRP

I would bet that most members who have taken an exercise class at CCRP would agree that the classes offered could be one of the best parts of the gym!  What could be more satisfying than finishing a crazy-hard Group Cycling class with Catherine or challenging your core in Matt Pilates with Janet?  It’s always better to have someone else making you do the things that you know that you should already be doing at the gym.

And the research strongly agrees… researchers have found that when comparing people who go to the gym to use the cardiovascular equipment alone and people who go to the gym for classes, the group who goes to gym for classes are in general more fit, lose more weight and are more consistent users of the gym long term than those who use cardiovascular and strength equipment alone.

So why are people who take exercise classes at the gym more successful in reaching their fitness goals?

1)      Social Network – Researchers hypothesize that if you create connections in a class, build friendships, and look forward to seeing the other people in the class you are much more likely to continue exercising for the long term.  Running on a treadmill with your headphones on is a very individual activity which can get boring over time and can lead to burnout.

2)      Shared Goals – Individuals who are in exercise classes are people who value fitness.  They have already self selected into activities which are good for their health.  Participating in a group of individuals with shared fitness goals is a great way to get and maintain motivation for your own health goals.

3)      External Stimulus – This is one of the more obvious reasons that a class is a great way to exercise.  Instead of having to find the internal motivation of going to the gym, having a class with a charismatic instructor can be a powerful tool to “make” you go to the gym.

4)      Variability – Classes run by good instructors are different every week.  This variability is exciting, different, challenging and can be much more fun.  Doing the same strengthening routine alone at the gym can become very repetitive and boring, which can lead to people quitting after a period of time.  Variability of exercise is also much better for the body in general and will lead to better improvements in general fitness.

5)      Fun – Let’s face it, it is just more fun to exercise with good music, surrounded by people you know and like, without having to think to hard about how to challenge yourself.  As long as you pick a class that is in line with your fitness goals, you can go with the flow of the class and have a fun time.

If you’re thinking of changing up your fitness routine in the next few months, consider taking a class!  Try Muscle Conditioning, Mat Pilates, Yoga or Zumba.  You might get more than just a fun workout for an hour.  You might find a new long term fitness routine… and maybe a few friends to go along with it!

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Diana grew up in a small suburb north of Boston. She received her clinical doctorate degree in Physical Therapy at Boston University in 2006. Diana started practicing as a physical therapist at Massachusetts General Hospital. While at MGH, she developed a specialty in the evaluation and treatment of complex lumbopelvic dysfunction. Diana is currently practicing at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston where she is the Orthopedic Clinical Supervisor of the Spine program. She is presently a Boston resident and her interests outside physical therapy include cooking, walking on the Esplanade, and international travel.

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