5 Ways To Know Your Vitamins Are Actually Helping You

While many people use vitamins to improve their health, some don’t know how to select and properly take the right ones. Vitamins work best when added to a healthy lifestyle that includes eating right, exercising, getting plenty of sleep, and visiting the doctor. Vitamins help promote health, but they aren’t magic pills. Remember that vitamins are only intended to give you the nutrients that you can’t get from food alone.

So how do you know if you are taking the right vitamins? Here are some suggestions to help you select the best vitamins for your needs:

Check With Your Doctor

If you are a relatively healthy person, you may only need a good quality multi-vitamin. There are a variety of factors and health conditions that may make it difficult for you to get the full range of necessary vitamins in your diet. Your doctor may run some tests to check your vitamin levels. Some of the common vitamins that people need to add to their diet include B vitamin complex, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D. Check with your doctor before adding any vitamins to your diet.

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Buy Quality Vitamins

Buying vitamins can be expensive, but buying the cheapest vitamins probably won’t get you what you need. Likewise, buying the most expensive vitamins doesn’t necessarily mean best quality. Rather than guessing at the grocery store, check with a vitamin and supplement store, doctor’s office, alternative health care provider, or a natural food store, where knowledgeable staff can help you make the best selections.

Research How To Take Your Vitamins

It seems simple enough because we all think that vitamins are good for us, but they can also be dangerous if not taken properly. Certain vitamins need other vitamins to work efficiently, some need to be taken with food, others need to be avoided if you are on certain types of medication. For example, calcium is better absorbed when taken with magnesium. Remember more isn’t necessarily better; certain vitamins can cause toxicity in large quantities.

Watch Out For False Claims

Some vitamin companies will make health claims that aren’t necessarily backed by research. Remember that the FDA does regulate the safety of vitamins as food items (not as drugs). When looking at the labels, you will see that they often don’t support the claims made by the manufacturer about their health benefits. Again, remember to check with your doctor before starting any new vitamin or supplement.

Test Your Vitamins

According to a Men’s Health on-line video, you can easily check to see if your vitamins are being absorbed in your system. Simply drop your vitamin in a small amount of vinegar (which acts like stomach acid). If the vitamin is dissolved within 30 minutes, your vitamin is most likely being absorbed. If it isn’t dissolved and you can still see most of the pill in the vinegar, chances are your body isn’t absorbing the vitamins and it is time to find a better vitamin.

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