Boston’s Top Outdoor Fitness Spots

Many who live in Boston get Cabin Fever in the winter, so when it warms up people enjoy going outside to do whatever they can, including exercise! Summer provides you with numerous opportunities to stay fit in the sunshine. Boston offers a number of lesser-known outdoor fitness locations to explore as well as different types of exercise to try.

Walking, Running, and Biking

Carriage Road

If you’re social, you’ll enjoy exercising along Carriage Road. Year round you can be sure you won’t be alone, as this is the most popular training route for the Boston Marathon. Many who have begun their training early will be happy to strike up a conversation. 

Castle Island

There are two loops; the shorter surrounds Fort Independence and the longer circles Pleasure Bay.  Both provide beautiful scenery to enjoy.

Blue Hills Reservation

This 7,000 acre area is filled with walking/running trails and mountain bike trails. With the number of possible variations, you can manage to exercise here all summer and never repeat the same route.

Arnold Arboretum

A green space encompassing over 265 acres with walking/running and bike trials.  Paths pass through different habitats boasting plants and trees from around the world including a Chinese bonsai collection. If you’re up for a challenge, you can try scaling either Bussey or Peter’s hills, among the highest in the city. While quite strenuous, it’s well worth the effort as the top of both hills afford amazing views of the Boston skyline especially at sunset.

Biking Boston

Most bike shops sell maps of Boston listing various tour routes that take you by historical, scenic or well known areas. There are also organized tours led by a guide.  Join one of the more famous tours such as retracing Paul Revere’s ride or the Bike, Beach and Brew Tour which leads you along Boston’s waterfront after which you visit the Harpoon Brewery where you can sample a variety of local brews with you riding buddies. 

Need structure? Try these organized outdoor activities

Ultimate Frisbee

Join one of the ultimate frisbee groups who meet frequently in a variety of parks around the city.

Organized Swimming Classes

Many outdoor pools (including our own!) offer free or paid Master’s Swim classes, in addition to other aquatic programs such as Water Aerobics. Master’s Swim classes typically consist of coached lap swimming with instruction to improve strokes and endurance.

Find an Outdoor Sports and Adventure Clubs

Activities may include touch-football, walking tours along elevated paths, ropes courses, zip line tours, and rock climbing. Mix it up with one of these clubs and you’ll never get bored with your exercise routine again!

Outdoor Boot Camp

These program have become increasingly popular, and often differ in the types of exercise options included.  Most provide intense cardiovascular, strength training and plyometric exercises, in a group or circuit format.  Not only are these programs effective yet fun ways to get in shape, they’re also a great way to meet friends and make a workout buddy! A few outdoor fitness boot camps are held in picturesque areas, such as ours which is held along the Charles River in Boston, MA.

Whatever your outside exercise preference, try one of these great options for mixing up your exercise routine. What are your favorite outdoor fitness spots in Boston (or anywhere else)? Let us know in the comments.

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