Burpees! (Not the gardening kind!)

As the outdoor boot camp instructor here at The Clubs at Charles River Park one of my go-to exercises is a “burpee,” similar to a “squat thrust”, but more intense. This total body exercise combines cardio and strength training and it’s perfect on the go because it requires no equipment.

Let’s take it step-by-step…

Start in standing position with feet shoulder width apart.

Quickly lower into a squat or crouching position placing both hands on the ground. Make sure you keep your butt low to the ground.

Kick both feet back together into a push-up position. (Beginners can start by walking feet back.)

Jump (or walk) feet back into the squat or crouching position with hands back on the ground.

Explode upwards jumping as high as you can off the ground with arms reaching toward the sky.

If you’re in a pinch and miss your work-out, take it outside (grab your kids if you have them!) and build this exercise into a 30-minute circuit. After warming up, begin by seeing how many burpee’s you can do in a period of time (ex: 20-45 seconds ). With 10-20 second breaks in between each exercise try incorporating push-ups, lunges, planks and side-planks. Try 2-3 rounds of all 5 exercises with a longer 2 minute break in between each round. Cool down and can call it a day!

Join me one morning for my Outdoor Boot Camp class, every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6:30am!

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Katie Morgis, program director for The Clubs at Charles River Park, is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Licensed TRX® Suspension Training Course (STC).

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