Circuit Training

Circuit strength training is my favorite way to train. It’s the most efficient method I know of to improve strength, change body composition and even get some cardiovascular benefit. Circuits make getting an effective half-hour, full-body workout possible. My clients always tell me that they feel like they got a great workout without feeling completely spent.

Circuits are exercises performed in series one after another without rest until the last exercise is done, then repeated 2-4 times with a brief recovery between each circuit.  Two or three circuits of different exercises will cover a full body workout.

To put a circuit together, group upper and lower body pushing or pulling exercises without repeating the same movement type or muscles two exercises in a row.  For example, a squat followed by a lunge isn’t a good progression since they’re very similar movements that work the same muscles.  I usually mix upper and lower body exercises along with a core exercise to make up a three or four exercise circuit.

Avoid strength training machines that isolate single muscles. They’re more time consuming, harder to combine logistically and offer inferior results. These are some exercises that work really well for circuits:

Circuit Training List

Examples: here’s a real time four-exercise circuit, or check our our PurMotion functional training circuit.

I hope you decide to try some circuits for yourself.  Consult one of our personal trainers if you need assistance, or participate in our group training program to experience circuit training for yourself!

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Michael Bento is an Advanced Trainer at the Clubs at Charles River Park. He holds a Masters degree in Human Movement and is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Corrective Exercise Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist.

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