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Guest Posts Wanted

The Clubs at Charles River Park accepts guest blog submissions in our fitness, swimming and local interest/community fitness categories. We will consider posts from experts in their field (for fitness, this includes certified personal trainers, physical therapists, allied health professionals and exercise physiologists).

Our content is published on our blog and is often reused in email, social media and print campaigns.

1. What to blog about?

Post submissions should fit into one of the following topics:

  • Fitness, exercise and healthy living
  • Our fitness posts emphasize functional training and evidence-based training over weights. Yours should, too.
  • Boston interest stories relating to outdoor recreation, physical fitness, and family activities in Boston
  • Swimming or aquatics posts
  • Essays, creative writing or criticism that is related to the above topics

2. Post content

You can email if you want advice on what type of post to write, or whether your content is acceptable. We do NOT accept unoriginal, republished content.

Guest posts should be written by individuals (not companies) and be free of affiliate links and self reviews. The only promotional links we allow are in the author’s bio at the bottom of each post – and those need to be tasteful and few.

Address the readers, use a conversational tone, and be interesting, engaging and educational.

4.  What to blog about?

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