Upcoming Programs: Outdoor Boot Camp & Lifeguard Training


Boston Boot Camp Fitness

Outdoor Boot Camp

Outdoor Boot Camp is BACK! Take it outside for a fun, challenging workout that combines cardio, strength training & stability moves. Next session runs April 2nd – April 26th! Each class is a unique fitness experience, with exercises including fast‐paced agility and cardio drills, partner relays, circuits, tabata training, and plyometrics.

Experience this unique, calorie-torching workout for yourself with a full, 4 week session. Drop-ins are also welcome! Learn more »

Lifeguard Certification Classes

We will be offering a Red Cross Lifeguard Certification training & review session in April 2012. These courses will teach lifeguard candidates the skills and knowledge needed to prevent and respond to aquatic and pool-related emergencies. The course content and activities prepare candidates to quickly recognize and efficiently respond emergencies in order to prevent drowning and injuries. Learn more »

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