Good Vibrations = Successful Resolutions?

I’m a Yoga instructor at The Clubs at Charles River Park.  Year after year I see my classes fill up like crazy in January and after about two weeks they settle back down.

This New Year’s Resolution phenomenon actually has a lot to do with vibrations and what I call “body intelligence.”

When you set out to accomplish something – anything from flossing before work every day to taking a yoga class once a week – the consistency of doing the activity sets a rhythm or “vibration” in your body.  In turn your body becomes used to doing this new activity and your mind follows.  You build up vibrations to the point that when you don’t do it, your body notices.

Alternatively, if you go “gung-ho” into something and set lofty or unrealistic goals that you have trouble meeting you don’t give your body time to get used to the new activity to the point that when you stop, your body goes back to whatever it was used to.

If you decided to run a marathon, would you set out the first day to run 26 miles?

My advice?  Set some reasonable goals that are achievable as part of an overall resolution.  The first few weeks stick to your plan, be consistent and then add to these goals as your body builds those good vibrations!

Brenda Santora

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