Healthy Workout Tips for Men Over 50


When people start to near that 50 mark, they start to become a little bit nervous. How is my body going to change? Am I still going to be able to get in a workout? Remember, 50 is certainly not old, and you can certainly still exercise, which helps to keep your body in top shape. Follow these tips for better success.

Doctor Appointment
Since you likely have concerns about the best type of physical activity in which you are able to engage, it’d be wise to set up an appointment with your doctor immediately. No matter who you are or how old you are, only a doctor is able to tell you what specific exercises are right for your body. You should go for a full physical and express your concerns to your doctor. He or she will be able to guide you down the right path for success. Your doctor’s advice supersedes all else.

Pool Exercises
Perhaps you’re feeling some pain due to arthritis or just generally achy muscles. Consider trying some pool exercises. Yes, swimming is certainly one of them, but working out in the pool isn’t limited to swimming. Instead, you can also look into water aerobics or water Zumba. At various fitness clubs, pools and gyms, these types of activities will be offered regularly. Being in the pool is wonderful for ease your muscles while getting in a great workout.

Work Out Together
If you’re concerned about something going wrong while you’re working out, find a partner to always work out with. For example, you and your wife might head to the local high school to run around the track in the morning, or you might meet your best friend at the gym after work a few times per week. That way, if an incident were to occur, you won’t be alone. Of course, you shouldn’t become so anxiety-ridden that you never want to step outside by yourself. It’s just smart to have a person with you if you are concerned about health.

Know Your Body
Yes, it might be hard to admit that you no longer have the same strength that you did when you were 30 years old. However, it’s smart to be able to recognize this fact. Instead of running five miles around the track, you might start to feel weak and tired around three. That’s ok! Don’t push yourself right away. Instead, look for some alternatives. For example, as long as you have the energy and stamina to keep going, you can walk for those last two miles as opposed to running. You might want to use slightly less heavy weights if you feel something giving out when lifting. It’s all about knowing what your unique body can handle, and pushing yourself gradually over time.

The fact that you have a unique body is really an important point to note. You need to know how to respond to your own needs, and you need to know what is best for you. Again, that visit with the doctor is so important, so that you can tailor a plan just for you.

Benji Rodriguez writes about exercise, nutrition and community health. His recent work lists the Top 10 Best Online Master’s in Healthcare Administration Programs (MHA).

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