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Tell me about your exercise background

I had no formal exercise experience until recently. I played some ball as a kid but never exercised regularly.

What made you decide to start exercising?

My cardiologist suggested I lose some weight to improve my health. My family also thought it would be a god idea so I found a personal trainer at the gym and started exercising.

What made you stick with it after you started?

I tried exercise in the past but was unsuccessful until I found the right personal trainer. I don’t think I would have been as faithful if it weren’t for the trainer.

What are some changes you’ve made in your life since starting an exercise program?

I used to eat improperly or I’d eat too much food, now I keep my mouth shut! We got the unhealthy food out of the house and brought more healthy food into the house.

How has exercise changed your life?

Exercise keeps my arthritis under control. Surprisingly, my nutrition improved once I started exercising as well. I couldn’t walk stairs before I started exercising, but now I take them regularly.

How has your health been affected with your weight loss and exercise programs?

My doctor was thrilled! My cholesterol improved, blood pressure was excellent and other tests my doctor gave me improved. My doctor said at the rate you’re going, you’ll live to 110.

Favorite exercise or experience at the gym?

I enjoy all the exercises Danny gives me but my favorite machine is the Airdyne Bike. If you ever get rid of it I’ll take it!

Nutritional advice

Keep your mouth shut!

Fitness advice

Start young because it’s better, but it’s never too late to start!

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