PurMotion AirFit: Whack-a-Mole

The amusingly named “Whack-a-Mole” is an intermediate to advanced level core exercise using the Air Fit Trainer (AFT). The AFT is the attachment with orange slings hooked to the frame with a pulley system. The pulley allows for rotational type movements, which require tremendous core stabilization to execute correctly.

The Whack-a-Mole exercise is a challenging variation to the plank exercise many of you are already familiar with. The hardest part of the exercise is staying tight through your midsection of your body so you limit the amount your hips rise, drop, or rotate as you “whack the mole” with your arms.

1. To pull off this move successfully, start by placing your forearms in the bottom of the slings while in a standing position.

2. Push your forearms into the slings and maintain tension on the AFT as you back into the exercise.

3. Keeping your elbows close to the body, take small steps backward keeping your feet a little wider than shoulder width. Go easy here, the lower you go into the exercise the more challenging it gets!

4. Once you find a position that is manageable for you begin the movement with the arms. Slowly push your right forearm towards the floor as the left arm slightly rises. Then simply reverse the motion and push the left forearm down and let the right arm rise.

5. Remember, the key here is to limit the motion at your hips. If you’re twisting and turning and can’t control the movement walk forward to a more upright position and begin again at an easier level.

Whack-a-Mole is a fun new way to challenge your core muscles and it has a silly name. My challenge to you? Try the whack-a-mole for a few sets and see if you still think there’s anything funny about it!

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As an athletic trainer at Williams College and North Adams State College, Dan Murphy - aka Murph - got the opportunity to train, assess and rehabilitate athletes in a variety of sports including hockey, football, lacrosse, tennis, track and field, soccer, baseball and softball. He holds numerous fitness certifications and has been instrumental in helping The Clubs at Charles River Park evolve to a wellness center. Murph lives with his college sweetheart with whom he has two exuberant kids. He also plays bagpipes with the Bunker Hill Pipe Band from Charlestown - they recently performed before the first Bruins game of the season! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cB8nCkIZJk)

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