Put Some Good Stress in Your Life


Not All Stress is Like This!

I know what you’re thinking – good stress? I have enough stress in my life. Even if it is good, I don’t need it. Well, you’re wrong. There are certain stressors or forces that the human body couldn’t survive without. Don’t believe me? Gravity is a force that puts stress on our body constantly. If it weren’t for gravity pulling us down all the time our bones would not grow properly. It’s true. Astronauts who have been in space for long periods of time show a loss of bone density. Since the bones are not being stressed they start to wither away.

A similar situation happens to muscle if it is not used for a long period of time. If a person is in a cast or bedridden for any length of time their muscles will slowly deteriorate. If you don’t use it (stress it) you lose it.

So what can you do about it? In one word, exercise. When you exercise you are purposely stressing your body to improve your health. When you walk, bike, run or engage in any other aerobic activity you stress your heart and lungs and in turn make them stronger. When you lift weights or strength train you are stressing your muscles, causing them to grow and become stronger. Stretching places a stress on the body that helps keep it flexible and mobile. These are all forms of good stress.

If you do not stress your body you will lose strength, endurance, flexibility and your quality of life. When you stay inactive your body starts to slowly wither away. Older adults who are inactive have balance trouble, loss of strength and usually other health problems.

Don’t let this situation happen to you. “Put some good stress into your life” by sticking with an exercise routine that works for you. We are more than happy to help you here at the health club. Just ask.

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