Four Shoulder Exercises You Should Do Every Day!


As you learned in my last blog, I recently changed roles and am no longer a direct rehab care provider. However, evidently you can take the physical therapist out of the clinic, but the shoulder questions don’t stop coming.

Just recently a colleague of mine came up to me after a meeting with a question about a painful shoulder. He described pain and clicking in his shoulder when he put it in certain positions to his side or behind his back. It hurt when he was reaching overhead with something in his hand. He was having trouble sleeping and isn’t able to lie on that side anymore. It is a pretty common complaint that I have heard many times before. Likely many of you have had something like it. Typically, if you lay off of heavy lifting and do the right shoulder exercises, it will go away.

So here are the exercises that I gave my colleague and the ones I wish everyone was doing to keep their shoulders in good shape and to avoid injury.

Four Everyday Shoulder Exercises

Hinged Rows – Great for your shoulder stabilizer muscles.


Supine External Rotation – Great for stabilizers on the front of your shoulder. Just let your arm fall back and bring your forearm back up to vertical.


External Rotation – Great for the stabilizers on the back of your shoulder.


Punch with dumbbell – Great for putting all of it together.


If you do these exercises, I can’t promise that you won’t have any shoulder pain in the future. However, you will have much stronger and better supported joints in the future. It worked for my colleague, it very well might work for you!

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Diana grew up in a small suburb north of Boston. She received her clinical doctorate degree in Physical Therapy at Boston University in 2006. Diana started practicing as a physical therapist at Massachusetts General Hospital. While at MGH, she developed a specialty in the evaluation and treatment of complex lumbopelvic dysfunction. Diana is currently practicing at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston where she is the Orthopedic Clinical Supervisor of the Spine program. She is presently a Boston resident and her interests outside physical therapy include cooking, walking on the Esplanade, and international travel.

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