Beautiful Outdoor Spots to Swim in Boston


Whether you’re planning your summer vacation in Boston or are a long time Bostonian, there are many gorgeous outdoor spots to check out this summer – especially if you’re a swimmer. When you have a few hours some afternoon, it would behoove you to check out the following digs!

Houghton’s Pond’s website “Massachusetts Swimming Holes” points to Houghton’s Pond as one of the best. The website notes that it has a high level of safety due to the lifeguards and their work ethic. It’s 24 acres of lovely land and plenty of people who like to swim and relax. You’ll certainly get some beautiful views of nature when you choose to swim here. This place is a good one to visit with the kids too – it’s very family friendly and safe.

Chapel Brook Falls
The same site states that this is an excellent place to go to as well. As the website says, “Beneath the majesty of Chapel Brook Falls, a cascade from three bedrock ledges, small pools develop that are perfect for a quick dip. The surrounding Berkshires beauty adds to the atmosphere of bathing beneath a waterfall or cooling off after a hike through Pony Mountain.” With a description like that, it is hard to deny the natural beautiful that you will find here!

One more place that the Boston website discusses is Walden, and yes, that author makes the Henry David Thoreau reference too. If you’re a lover of literature, then this is the place to go. You can spend the day swimming around in the lake. At night, you might want to take out your notebook or laptop and let the winds inspire to you to write just as Thoreau once did. It’s quite true that just being in the spiritual presence of a great author is enough to inspire you to create your own works of literary art and become a master of your own destiny.

Go Swimming
Advertised as Boston’s Largest Outdoor Pool, you definitely want to check this out. This pool wins the prize for most helpful, as upon visiting their website, you’ll find a lot of information about fitness and nutrition. Your entire family can start to get in shape for the summer season! Allow swimming to be a part of that venture – you won’t regret it.

This list provides a great way to spend any summer afternoon or evening. Instead of just going to an ordinary pool, you can say that you want to one of the most beautiful natural spaces in Boston. Chances are, you will never want to go back indoors!

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