PurMotion: Assisted Pull-Up

The daunting pull-up, feared by most gym goers, is a humbling upper body exercise that can be made easier by the use of our black rubber SuperBands hanging from the PurMotion pull-up bars.

The ability to add assistance to this movement opens it up to all fitness levels.  The reason I’m excited about this is because the pull-up is one of the best upper body exercises around.  The more people doing this exercise the better!  The muscles all around your shoulder blades are doing the work here.

(1) To start off your assisted pull-up, grab a SuperBand that is the appropriate thickness for your fitness level.    The thicker the band the more help you get during the movement.

(2) Pull the band down until you can step down on the band and reach up to grab the bar.

(3) Keeping your feet together and legs straight, pull your body up as far as you can and then lower yourself all the way back down.

(4) Repeat as many times as you can.  As your pull-ups improve you can use thinner bands for less assistance forcing you to do more work.  If you desire, you can continue to progress until you no longer use the bands and are doing body weight pull-ups.

Oh, and when those get easy we’ll just talk about adding some weight and introducing you to resisted pull-ups!  Let us know if there any exercises you’d like to learn about and we’ll blog on them for you.  Don’t forget to sign-up for a 20 minute PurMotion demo if you haven’t already.

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As an athletic trainer at Williams College and North Adams State College, Dan Murphy - aka Murph - got the opportunity to train, assess and rehabilitate athletes in a variety of sports including hockey, football, lacrosse, tennis, track and field, soccer, baseball and softball. He holds numerous fitness certifications and has been instrumental in helping The Clubs at Charles River Park evolve to a wellness center. Murph lives with his college sweetheart with whom he has two exuberant kids. He also plays bagpipes with the Bunker Hill Pipe Band from Charlestown - they recently performed before the first Bruins game of the season! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cB8nCkIZJk)

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