PurMotion Functional Training Station

  • Brazilian Rope Pull™
  • Renegade™
  • Vector Trax™

If you’re like me, you’re sure these words mean something awesome but have no idea what. They’re features of our new, PurMotion FTS 200!

Signs have been up for awhile but now it’s official: the delivery date is confirmed for Friday, January 25th! Tuesday, January 29th!

The FTS 200 is currently on its way to us from Alabama and our staff is ecstatic!

Head trainer Mike Bento says, “I’m looking forward to all of it — being able to put a complete functional training workout together in one spot — but I really like the Renegade!”

Danny Murphy can’t wait to use the PurMotion because he “can train the ‘5 basic human movements – pulling, pushing, locomotion, level changes, & rotation’ in one convenient workout area.”

Health club GM Cliff Seeto is thrilled for this new equipment saying that, “it will give our members a better variety of innovative workouts!”

Once the equipment is set-up we’ll be offering free demos throughout the month of February.  And, the next Indoor Boot Camp session starts February 4th featuring FTS 200 focused workouts!

Stay tuned to our blog and website in the coming months for example exercises, articles, tutorials and more featuring our new PurMotion FTS 200 system. We’re pumped!

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Erin Marley serves as the Communications Director here at The Clubs. She's worked in the marketing, sales & communications industry for nearly 20 years. Originally from upstate New York, she graduated from SUNY Potsdam with a degree in English Writing. Recently she's become a Yoga fanatic, training with CCRP instructor Brenda Santoro. In her free time she moonlights as a sales representative for the Woodstock Inn Brewery out of NH.

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