PurMotion: Squat to Row Exercise

This is a compound exercise of a squat and a row; it is a superstar low-back strengthener!

Secure a band so that it is hip height for you.  Hold one end of the band in each hand, with the palms facing each other and elbows bent.  Squat down and straighten the arms.  As you stand, engage the glutes and perform a row, pulling your elbows into your ribcage. Breathe in on lowering and and breath out on the stand/pull.

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Your accomplishments in the gym will positively transform the way you approach challenges in your life! I have strong experience in functional strength training, improved body composition, low back pain and post-rehab exercise. I graduated from Bryn Mawr College with a BA in Political Science, and have worked as a trainer full time since 2008. Certifications: NASM CPT, Annette Lang Pre-Post Natal Certificate, Cancer Exercise Speclialist, Functional Movement Screen.

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