Saving and Changing Lives: Lifeguarding at The Clubs at Charles River Park


Are you a strong swimmer who is looking to learn something new? Are you responsible enough to accept the challenge of keeping people safe in, on, and around the water? Then lifeguarding at CCRP may be the job for you!

A lot of people think that lifeguarding is a slacker job where the worker gets to sit out in the sun and tan all day. Well, let me be the first to tell you it’s not – I have been a certified lifeguard for 15 years and a lifeguard instructor for the past 5, and I can assure you that amount of professionalism and proactive responsibility required to ensure safety is no lazybones feat.

Lifeguards are also certified in AED/CPR and First Aid. This level of commitment to health and safety demonstrates leadership and maturity which easily impresses college admissions and other job recruiters later in life. If you are looking for a fun summer job where enforcing rules keeps people safe and people appreciate your attentiveness, consider lifeguarding at CCRP.

The Clubs at Charles River Park is now hiring lifeguards for the 2014 summer season!

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Kelly Wright is the Aquatics Supervisor at The Clubs at Charles River Park with more than 15 years of competitive and instructional swimming experience. Along with teaching swim lessons, she also coaches Junior and Master swimming and trains lifeguards. Kelly is an Authorized Provider for the American Red Cross and is certified to teach AED/CPR and First Aid classes as well as Emergency Oxygen Administration, Bloodborne Pathogen Training, Basic Water Rescue, Guard Start, and Water Safety.

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