Why Restorative Yoga Practice?

Restorative yoga involves gentle and passive stretching of the entire body while being supported by yoga props.  Restorative yoga deepens the relaxation response and promotes mental calm.

Research has shown that restorative yoga is highly effective at relieving symptoms of depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Ideally in the physical practice of yoga, our bodies develop a balance of strength and flexibility yet our minds also crave this same equilibrium.  Restorative yoga emphasizes mental and emotional strength and flexibility and gives our minds this balance.

From the outside a restorative practice can look like nothing is happening but it is far from an easy practice.  On the inside, it can be an intense and challenging practice as the hardest part is for us to be “still”, truly still body and mind.

“Restorative poses are about being, not doing, not achieving.  They are the gateway to meditation.  They teach us how to be present, how to pay attention and how to listen.  Restorative poses are a wonderful antidote to our society, they are a recognition of our humanness.  We need to be quiet sometimes.”  Judith Lasater, Ph.D., PT, Relax and Renew.

Interested in giving this practice a try?  CCRP is offering restorative yoga sessions starting September 13th!

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