Why Swimming is the Best Way to Get in Shape

With summer coming up fairly soon, plenty of people are looking to get in shape. Fortunately, quite a number of exercises exist, and swimming is one of the best possibilities for almost everyone. What are some of the reasons why swimming is so excellent?

Your Whole Body

Some exercises work out only one part of your body, but swimming simply doesn’t fall into this category. When you’re swimming, you have the ability to work out all the different parts of your body because you need both your legs and your arms for strength, in addition to your core, glutes, pecs, etc. This is very efficient, especially when compared to sports like running, which only work one very specific part of the body.

It’s Not Seasonal

You might think it only sensible to swim during summer (if you’re an outdoorsy type when it comes to water), or during winter (if you like to be on your feet in the warmer months), but this simply isn’t the case. Many communities have pools that are open all throughout the winter with nice, warm showers where you can get toasty at the end of a cool and refreshing swim. Some sports, such as softball or soccer, can generally be played only when the weather is conducive for doing so. With swimming, you can get into a program that will last you all throughout the year.


Many claim that they don’t like to exercise because they get all sweaty and feel disgusting. Fortunately, when it comes to swimming, this disappears. Since you’ll be in a pool of water, you don’t feel the sweat (even though you might sweat up to a gallon!). Instead of saying that sweating is an excuse for why you cannot exercise, the lack of sweat can now be the reason why you do! Another aspect of comfort to remember is that swimming is likely the most comfortable form of exercise there is – say good bye to chin splints, jelly legs, etc – water provides a great cushion for your body’s natural movements.


Another complaint about exercise is that it tends to get boring and rote. When you get involved in the world of swimming, you’ll quickly find that so many different possibilities exist. You might like the breast stroke, backstroke or the butterfly. There’s also the side stroke, treading water, diving, and of course the perfection of flip turns! Having the ability to diversify your workouts makes them much more enjoyable.

Swimming is really an excellent way to get into shape, because you are going to learn so much about how your body works – best of all, in a natural way. You will wake up muscles you didn’t even know you had! However, before participating in any sort of workout program, it’s always smart to have a discussion with your doctor to find out if the exercises could adversely affect you in any way. This is especially true if you have joint troubles, a history of torn muscles/ligaments, etc.

Ashley Jacobs is a physiology student that writes about health and fitness. Her recent work can be found at besthealthdegrees.com.

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